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Applying for a job now is insane. Thanks Don.

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Nov 14, 2023Liked by Donald Jeffries

Its sad to see the actual decimation of small town America, you can see they once had beautiful homes that are being overtaken by Nature as owners either moved out or passed away. People don't take care of their properties - you don't have to be rich to cut the lawn or pull weeds. Our roads are crumbling as you stated, patched in the Spring and ripped up during the Winter with plows and salt. The mindset has changed here for the worst. Everyone wants things fast, cheap, and easy. The greed is mind blowing, but we're not the first culture to experience that. I always laugh when I see someone purchase those robotic vacuum cleaners. I mean, really? Working hard has gone out the window pretty much, along with common sense and honest politicians. Perhaps it all should burn to the ground and hopefully, some good people can start it over. The cycle repeats.

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Children, including preschoolers, can behave like pack animals without adult supervision. It's not "lollipop bribery" among boys, but brutal force and alliances. And boys are stronger than girls...

That is pretty much the way the world of "adults" functions as well.

If it's any consolation, it's never been otherwise; if history started a million times over, it would still end the way it is ending now. Societal arrangements have always defaulted tot he same structure, irrespective of how complex or primitive a "civilization" is:


Forcing unnatural standards on people humiliates them, which makes them lose self-respect, and causes them to become even more impressionable than usual:


Yet all this is a side show, stealing attention from the final whimpers of an already-obsolete world dying and preventing people from asking the most important question:


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